Sunday, 12 February 2012

Class quilt progress

It's been a while since I last blogged for two reasons - the first being that I fell on the stairs at home and broke my camera in the process, so a bit more difficult than usual to take photos.  My husband has come to the rescue with the camera on his phone to let me post today!  The second reason is that I haven't got much quilting done recently, but this morning finally I did move on my class project a bit...
My class quilt top is all pieced now, except for the final 2.5" white border.  I'm a little unsure about putting it on as I'm not totally happy that the top is flat enough - perhaps I need to unpick and redo a couple of seams?  My other thought was that I could always quilt this much on to the full sized wadding and backing, and then add the white border last just before binding.  Not sure what to do....
And while I've been working out what to do next with the top I have also pieced together some scraps left over from making the front...
I'm not going to cover the full back of my quilt with scraps, but I plan to add this strip off centre to the backing material.  I was going to add them as blocks randomly throughout the backing material, but Sheila suggested putting them together in a strip.  The strip option has been more manageable, probably more economical on the backing fabric and I think will make a rather nice feature.  I was a bit worried that it might create extra bumps where seams meet that could interfere with my quilting, but after being encouraged I'm going to go for it anyway.
Seeing the pieced strip now in these photos I wonder if I should add another strip of the yellow, blue and green plaids down the other long side to mirror the one there already and to make a bit of a frame for the blocks?  I never thought I'd come up with so many questions when I started the quilt as I had a pretty detailed pattern to follow, but the project seems to be developing a character of its own now!  Hopefully I'll get the backing finished at class on Wednesday night and work out what my next steps should be after that.


  1. what a fantastic quilt, this must have taken some doing!

  2. This is looking brilliant Lorna, I love the white, it's really showing the blocks off.
    I like the backing strip and am inclined towards the 2nd frame but then that's me and my symmetrical tendencies which I try to fight sometimes.

  3. The quilt is looking wonderful. As for the backing strip, I think Sheila has hit the nail on the head. Are you a symmetrical or asymmetrical kind of girl? I am definitely an asymmetrical one married to a man who would choose symmetry every time! Di xo