Sunday, 26 February 2012

Layering up

It's been longer that I'd hoped since my last post again, but progress has been made on a number of fronts.  First of all I got a new camera to replace the one I broke the other week, so pictures are easily taken once more!  Second of all I have finished putting together both sides of the quilt and have layered them up!  Pins are everywhere and about two thirds of the tacking stitches that I think I need are in...
Overall the quilt top is beginning to look rather wrinkled now the pins and tacking is going in...
And on the back I decided to go symetrical and add the matching strip of plaid fabrics to the panel for the back.
Tacking is taking me a bit longer than I thought, so I won't get on to quilting this weekend.  Wednesday is class day again, so I'll be making up my binding then I think so I'll be all organised for when the quilting is done.  I've not decided exactly what to use for the binding though.  I have more of the backing material, or I could use the plaids and other colourful bits and pieces I have left over from making the quilt top.  I think I'm leaning to the later option just now.  What do you think?


  1. Looking great Lorna, hate the tacking bit!!

  2. Ooh! It is looking good. You went symmetrical with the plaid strip I see! Personally, I would use plaid for my binding. I will wait with interest as to what you do. Di xo

  3. I hate tacking and basting. Keep going it will be worth it, its looking fabulous