Sunday, 15 January 2012

Class quilt in progress

In anticipation of my first class of the new year on Wednesday night I'm blogging about my work in progress. 
Each of the 13 blocks is still in 9 pieces.  Laying it out like this helped me choose which 9 patches to put with which flying geese combinations.  I also have a variety of white triangles cut ready to complete the quilt with which I didn't lay out.  

Once each of the 13 blocks is sewn together I expect I will have a session which will take a very long time where I arrange them and rearrange them until I've got the balance I want.  My wadding and backing material is ready and waiting...although I still have to decide if I will incorporate some extra little blocks from my left over material into the backing material.  Then big decision time about how to quilt it!  Only 6 more classes to go, so hopefully I'll get to that stage quite soon.  Writing all this down makes me realise what a lot I still have to do!