Saturday, 5 May 2012

Munro quilt

My last post showed my friend's Andrei and Gill finishing their round of the Munros, and also the start of a quilt I'd been working on.  What I didn't say (just in case they happened to stumble on the blog) was that this was for them, to mark their birthdays this year and to celebrate their Munro achievement.  It has now been finished and presented to them...
By machine I embroidered the names of all 283 munros on to the four borders - I did them in height order, 50 at a time, a different colour for each 50 (the top 50 were white for snow).  This took a long time as I had to enter each letter one by one.  At first I thought I'd just do 50, then I thought 100 would be nice and so on.... until all 283 were done! :)  I was pleased with the end look, quite textural.
You might just about spot two little pink pigs appliqued on to the quilt - this is because they love pigs and have a huge collection of every sort of pig thing in their house (toys, ornamental etc)
The central panel of the quilt had actually been on the walk with us, and all of the group who had been on the hill had signed it in secret with messages for Andrei and Gill.
It was the ideal opportunity to present them with the quilt when they visited Sheila's open day last month, especially as it was the same week as Andrei's birthday.
They both seemed very pleased with the present and we hope it will remind them of all those fantastic days in the hills!


  1. Oh wow! That is totally brilliant. I wouldn't be able to think of such a creative idea much less actually carry it out. Hats off to you. Di xo

  2. oh wow, what a fabulous gift and so personal too. Bet they loved it!

  3. wELL DONE ! A wonderful way to mark Andrei and Jill's achievment .

  4. What an achievement on everyone's part. Andrei and Gill for climbing all the munros and yours for stitching all the munro names!