Sunday, 15 April 2012

Disappearing - people and nine patch!

Two things have happened in the past week or so.  I have been up at the Cairngorms climbing my friends 'last munro' with them.  For those not in to Scottish hill walking a munro is a Scottish hill higher than 3000ft, there are 283 of them, and so my friends have now climbed every one!  The weather at the top of their number 283 was quite cold (we had snow on the way up) and visibility was such that people were disappearing in and out of sight as we went.  There were a dozen of us did the walk in total and champagne was carried up and drunk at the top to mark the occasion.  Here are my friends reaching the summit...

And cracking out the champagne, which given the weather was well chilled!

The other thing which I can share is my latest quilt efforts - a disappearing nine patch kindly held up by my husband below, which kind of shows the size of it as well.  The blocks are big and each one was originally 5 blue squares and 4 plaid squares before being quartered and rearranged.

I'm working on some borders for it this weekend - also blue - and have set myself the rather overambitious target of getting it all done and turned in to a quillo by this time next week!  I'll let you know how I get on....


  1. great acheivement to have climbed all those munros: what will they do next? Love the d9p

  2. Brrrrr! It looks cold up those fells. 283 is a massive number of hills to climb. Your quilt is lovely and I'm sure that you can finish it in the time set. You ad better get cracking..... Di x

  3. Great way to celebrate a special occasion !