Saturday, 19 November 2011


  I got a lovely present this morning from my husband - this cute little jelly roll!

Now to decide what to do with these 17 colourful strips!


I recently saw a nice lego bag pattern on the 12 Gifts of Christmas blog hop, and I am wondering about using these strips for something like that.  I would welcome any thoughts about what I can turn my little roll into.  In the meantime I am going to occupy myself with some other brightly coloured treats! ...


  1. lovely jelly roll! I always think the hardest think with lovely fabric is the best way to use it. Looking forward to seeing what you make

  2. Happy Birthday Lorna!!
    Check out the Moda Bake Shop for some ideas on Jelly Rolls.
    PS That man is definitely a keeper.

  3. Tobe married to a man who buys fabric without being asked - how blessed are you. Like the look of those cakes, Belated happy birthdayx