Sunday, 30 October 2011

Framing a quilt?

I made this mini quilt in 2008.  It was to mark the wedding of my friends Karen and Lewis who got married at Duck Bay, Loch Lomond.  I made two similar ones, the best one being a wedding present for the happy couple.  This was the one I kept, and now I want to display it.  It has even more extra sentimental value now because it turns out I met my husband at that wedding too!

I want to hang the quilt on the wall, but it is small and light and flaps about if left as it is.  I wonder about putting it in a frame, but have never framed a quilt before, not even a very small one like this.  I wonder if it is a good idea, and if so what type of frame.  One with glass, or not?  A deep one?  Black like the binding, or perhaps white or wooden?  All suggestions welcome!

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